The company is having a complete basket of World Class Quality Products. Special focus will be on providing world class products in the category of health care, wellness and nutritional products for body care, beauty care, personal care & cosmetic, home care, lifestyle and Organic Agriculture products. The company is also tied-up with various branded companies and corporate as quality products offering is the primary objective.

Each product is defined with few parameters like MRP, DP, BV, SV, etc.

Retailing of products is flourishing in the modern trade as of now. The Company aimed to provide a secured working environment to the people of this country to create their own self employment by way of independent Direct Sellers and sell products / services to consumer network

The company's Direct Sellers may refer new Customers through Customer Registration process. However, these customers will not exist in the opportunity system (genealogy / Direct Seller) network.

The customers will buy products of their choice at the MRP Price; respective SVs will be accounted as self SVs of their introducing Direct Seller.

The consumer is not entitled for any commissions or monetary benefits from the company, but they will have all rights as a consumer and privileges being a registered consumer.

The Benefits of becoming I.D (Independent Direct Seller) in MDML

  • Retail Bonus Up to 35%
  • Sponsor Bonus
  • Organization Matching Bonus (Weekly)
  • Repurchase Matching Bonus (Weekly)
  • Generation Bonus (Monthly)
  • Performance Bonus (Monthly)
  • Royalty Bonus (Monthly)
  • Ceiling bonus (One time)

One can become a Direct Seller by buying any of the below Plan:

  • Silver Customer : 30 SV To 59 SV , Ceiling on 40,000
  • Gold Customer : 60 SV To 99 SV , Ceiling on 75,000
  • Diamond Customer : Above 100 SV , Ceiling on 1,30,000


  • Retail Profit- UP TO 35%:

    I.D will get all products in D.P. (Direct Seller Price). You can sell these Products in MRP rates in Market and earn good Profit. This is called Retail Bonus. Retail Bonus may range up to 35%.*

  • Sponsor Bonus :

    • You can get EXTRA of your direct referral as SPONSOR Bonus
    • E.g : If Customer C join under sponsorship of Customer A with DIAMOND Customer then Customer A will get = 400/- instantly in his ID account.
    • You can earn unlimited income by this bonus.
    • This income calculates in weekly payout.

  • Organization Matching Bonus

    Earn weekly payout based on SV as per your organization structure, where Independent Direct Sellers Associated with your organization, like you, generates SV through product sales. Unlike other compensation plans, any extra volume within the weekly ceiling is carried forward to the following week.

    By selecting any one of the products of MDML and fulfilling the formalities, you become Consumer of the product, whether you opt to purchase product with business opportunity or not, as the business opportunity is purely free and optional. Assume that you have completely understood the company terms and policies, code of conduct, business plan and decided to go ahead with business opportunity and by doing so you become Independent Direct Seller. Now you may start referring the products to two persons and enroll them one under your Organization1 (in short may be referred as “Org1”) and the other under Organization2 (in short may be referred as “Org2) of your Structure. Once you have successfully enrolled two of them (one in Org1 and other in Org2) and who have purchased products for 30SV in each of your organization, under your structure, you will start earning SV (Sales Volume) and BV (Business Volume) points and there on to qualify for the payout/facilitation fees under Growth plan for the first time, first you should have made purchase of products for minimum 30SV. whenever you have SV’s in multiples of minimum 30 in each of Org1 and Org2 you will be getting eligible for Organization Matching Bonus and unmatched SV’s will be carried forwarded to next week. . The Organization Matching Bonus is calculated on weekly basis, based on SV’s generated by each of the Direct Sellers as per above condition and 1SV of Org 1 and 1 SV of Org 2 is equal to 10Rs. On laser leg and the same is paid in INR. The maximum O.M.B, per week, payable for an Independent Direct Seller is 130000 At MDML, every Month 7th, 15th, 22nd, and Last date of month midnight is the sales closing period, which would otherwise be called as cut-off.

    Other features of this plan are that Renewal is applicable upon completing 12months from the date of opening a Business Centre, which is nothing but to keep you updated of company policies, terms, and activities and to help you continue enjoying the features with latest updates available in your Business Centre. Trimming, Processing and any other applicable charges from time to time will be deducted as per Company norms. TDS will be deducted as formulated by the Government from time to time. It is said that the greatest ideas in the world, the most successful plans on the earth are the simplest ones. In the Direct Selling marketing business, one plan make, with commitment & understanding, truly a win-win choice.

    This is an efficient and effective distribution model where the products are purchased private label direct from the manufacturer ensuring the highest quality and low prices. They are then sold direct to the consumer. The traditional bureaucratic distribution model with huge corporate profits is eliminated. DIRECT SELLING businesses are often confused with pyramid schemes which are illegal in the U.S. that stands out is the MDML Growth plan: an appropriate tool for lasting, efficient, and faster prosperity. Together we can

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