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Exit Policy


Company Has Rights to Terminate Your ID (Code) if your involvement in unethically Activity Against the company Policy and T &C or Indian Companies Act. Or any 5 Person from Your Team or From the Company Will Raised the Written Complaint Against You.

You Will Not Be Authorised To Get the Benefits of the Company after Your Resignation by You or Terminated by the company (Benefits Include Rewards, Trip, or Commission)

This will be wholly owned by the company after the Resignation or Termination of the ID. The distributor does not have the right to this ID and after this the company will have the right to give that ID to someone or not.

Exit Process

As Per Company Policy Exit formalities has to be completed at the time of resign.

— Resign Form

— ID Proof for signature verification

Company has Right to Deactivate Your Id in case of failing to repurchase the products worth Rs. 2000/- on every month.